About us

modMD is The Concierge for Healthcare

Physicians swear an oath to “first, do no harm,” then they seat you in a badly lit, tastelessly decorated waiting room with…sick people.  We believe 21st century medicine can do better. If nearly every other service and commodity on the planet comes to us on demand, why shouldn’t we expect medical care to follow suit? If humanity can mobilize massages, paper shredding, and dog grooming, we should be able to mobilize medicine, right?  To that end, we created a way to take modern, customizable healthcare out of the office and bring it right to your door.  

Our goal? To make things easier, safer, and more accessible, to offer services that fit your needs where you are, and to make the relationship personal from staRT to finish. On-site, on-demand. At home. At your worksite. On your film set. In the parking lot of the Shell Station down the road, if that’s what works for you. On-site and on-demand–not a bad oath for the highest standard of healthcare.

That’s the modMD way.

Who we are

 We are board certified emergency medicine doctors with over 20 years of experience each.

Dr. Lisa F. Dabby

With more than 20 years of experience in medicine, Lisa is highly qualified to take health care to new horizons. She passionately believes that medicine needs to be more accessible and hold higher technological standards. With modMD’s innovative services and products across the country, she is not messing around.


Bachelors of Art in Molecular Cell Biology – University of California, Berkeley

Doctor of Medicine – University of California, San Francisco

Residency in Emergency Medicine – Harbor UCLA Medical Center

Dr. Naomi Dabby

Just like the other Dabby sisters, Naomi is the daughter of immigrants, she brings the tenacity, experience, intelligence, and flavor of an immigrant into her work. Along with her sisters, she has overseen the exponential growth of modMD across the country. She believes in creating a healthcare concierge service that will revolutionize the field. And they are on track to do so.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry  – University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts in MCB Genetics  – University of California, Berkeley

Doctor of Medicine – USC/ Keck School of Medicine

Internship – Harbor UCLA

Residency at Jacobi/ Montefiore at Albert Einstein

Emergency Medicine in NYC, SF and LA for the past 18 years

Dr. Nadine Dabby

Scientist. Inventor. Pioneer. Nadine has over 15 years of experience working on the cutting edge of science and technology. She’s authored publications in the fields of nanotechnology,  computer science, wearables, and machine learning as well as 19 patent applications of which 7 have been granted. It’s no wonder that modMD has a cutting-edge office with a new world-class laboratory.


Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Molecular and Cell Biology – University of California, Berkeley

Doctorate in Computation & Neural Systems – California Institute of Technology

Expertise in the fields of computer science, machine learning and nanotechnology.


Please contact us for more information at [email protected]