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🤔 COVID-19, RSV, the Flu, or Strep. 🤔Which Grinch do I have? And what can I do to feel better?

‘Tis the season to be out and about, but with everyone getting sick, you might end up getting sick too. If it’s not COVID-19, it’s the flu, RSV, Strep, or the cold sending people to bed. So what can you do when all these bugs try to “Grinch” the holidays!

Every good fight begins with knowing your enemy

With cool weather comes the possibility of catching a respiratory infection. While symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and congestion can be indicative of many seasonal illnesses, it’s important to diagnose which one you have before self-treating.

See if any of these symptoms apply to you:

How do Covid, Flu, RSV, and Strep spread so quickly?

Because the infection passes through:

  • Coughing, sneezing, talking and singing

  • Having direct contact with another person: touching, kissing or hugging

  • Contacting contaminated surfaces

  • Sharing food and drinks

How long after exposure will I get sick?

COVID-19: 2-14 Days

Flu: 2-3 Days

Strep: 2-5 Days

RSV: 1-4 Days

One of these diseases is not like the other

Covid-19, RSV, and the Flu are all caused by viruses

Strep is a bacterial infection

**This leads us to the importance of proper diagnosis so you can make sure you can make the right treatment choices!**

Don’t guess. Test. Test. And Test!

The medical professionals at modMD recommend testing as soon as you start feeling ill. With proper diagnosis, symptoms can be treated much quicker than if you were to simply guess or ignore your symptoms altogether.

We provide walk-in, onsite, and concierge testing for individuals and groups:

Nasal Swab

Throat Swab

Once you have a diagnosis, we can start treating you with following options:

Treatments for COVID-19, RSV, Flu and Strep:

COVID-19 treatment with Paxlovid

The modMD doctors can approve and prescribe Paxlovid antiviral medication via virtual screening. Within a few hours, one of our team members will call in your prescription to your pharmacy.

If you are sick and interested in a Paxlovid RX, please visit our website to schedule an online screening

What is Paxlovid?

Paxlovid is an antiviral medication that has recently been introduced to the pharmaceutical industry, and it has been shown to be effective in treating viruses. While there have been some pros and cons associated with this medication, its overall effectiveness remains largely positive.

Is it effective?

The biggest benefit of Paxlovid is that it reduces the duration of viral infections and lessens the severity of symptoms.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effect is a metallic taste in the mouth. Other less common side effects are: headache, nausea, dizziness, constipation, and fatigue. For those who cannot take this medication due to underlying health issues or because of other medications they are taking, alternative treatments may be available.

Flu treatment with Tamiflu