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Move Over COVID-19, Here Comes Flu Season ‘23/’24

These past few months, we have been enjoying a peaceful respite from severe COVID surges. But modMD founder and ER physician Dr. Lisa Dabby, warns us that the flu-storm is creeping around the corner.

Yes! Winter is coming… And as the holidays approach, indoor socializing will increase. Weather changes will create a fertile battle ground for influenza. Dr. Dabby urges us to commit again to the socially responsible health practices we learned in the past last three years. Now is the time to dust off those KN95s and prepare for a winter virus triple whammy.

TRIPLE whammy, you say?! WHYYY?

Dr. Dabby predicts a severe flu season as well as a spike in COVID cases, and we’ve already seen a spike in RSV cases everywhere from schools to hospitals.

What is RSV?

  • The Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common, but highly contagious respiratory virus with symptoms similar to COVID and the flu—fever, coughing, runny nose, sneezing.

  • Just like COVID and the flu, it spreads through viral droplets in the air, direct contact, and touching contaminated surfaces.

  • School outbreaks of RSV result in contagious kids and soaring viral transmission rates.

Is Covid ‘Over’?

  • Sadly, no. There are several new variants (collectively referred to as the ‘Scrabble’ variants) that are replicating and spreading globally.

  • This means that, instead of having sequential strains (Delta followed by Omicron etc), we will now see multiple strains circulating at the same time.

  • Experts are predicting a winter surge of covid infections and are concerned that some of these variants might become ‘immunity evading’.

Why do we need to worry about the flu?

  • The past few years we’ve experienced mild flu seasons because of COVID safety measures. The problem is, this has lowered our immunity to flu pathogens, leaving us more susceptible to infection.

  • The early arrival of the flu in Australia is a crucial sign that we will be seeing cases emerge early in the season. And in fact, we are already starting to see abnormal cases everywhere.

How can we stay safe? Hint: We’re already pros!

Although this may sound like a gloomy forecast, COVID has taught us how to adjust our lives to help prevent viruses from spreading. Most of the anti-covid practices we have adapted in our daily lives can also be used to safeguard against flu and RSV.

Whenever you need help..

There will be a lot of sniffling and coughing going around this winter, and since there are so many viruses circulating, it may be hard to know which one you are suffering from. Identifying which virus you have, or if you even have one, is crucial. Though viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics, a bacterial infection like Strep, can and should be. Regardless of what you need, we are available 7/24 to help!

Visit modMD at our Venice lab (208 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA)

Same-Day Testing + Treatment + Vaccines:

Drive-up/Walk-up Testing:

Covid-19 - (PCR/Rapid PCR/Rapid Antigen) - Same-day Results for RT-PCR in 6-12 hours. Rapid PCR - Onsite Results in 30 minutes. Rapid Antigen- Onsite results in 15 minutes




Telehealth + Treatment

Covid-19 - Paxlovid RX with MD approval + Telehealth

Flu - Tamiflu RX with MD approval + Telehealth

Strep - Antibiotic RX with MD approval + Telehealth


Flu shots- available at no cost w/most major insurance

You can find us in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

Avoid long waits, overbooked doctor's offices and urgent care centers. With modMD's convenient, comprehensive 'tripledemic' testing and treatment, you can make it through this flu season.

A refresher course on how to combat the 'tripledemic': Save this quick checklist.

  1. Vaccinate both for Covid and Flu. Vaccines help prevent viral transmission and lessen the severity of symptoms if you are infected.

  2. Wear masks indoors and at large public events even if they're not required (indoors & outdoors).

  3. Practice social distancing & avoid close contact (especially with people who are sick)

  4. Make sure to wash your hands often

  5. Avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth.

  6. Sanitize frequently touched surfaces

  7. Stay home if you are sick

  8. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress by practicing self-care.

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